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Why Mixing Online?

The idea for offering online mixing came about because we saw a change in the way artists were making music and a need for quality during that process. 

Let’s face it. 

The major labels are not so major any more, and most artists are struggling to produce and release songs on their own, or with very little help from their independent label partners.

At the same time, we have noticed that there are more and more audio trade schools pushing out more and more graduates every semester, and those newly graduated “engineers” are offering to mix everyone’s records for next to nothing. 

Moreover there are more and more “self educated” bedroom producers today, that offer and advertise their services online for a penny like crazy. You see the ads on facebook, instagram and some create youtube videos about a topic they are not really into.

So we decided to join forces and bring real expertise and value to you, real professional knowledge and years of industry experience. That is what you hear in the end product. Pure passion and years of experience. But you don`t just get the best Mixing or High End Mastering online. Also one of a kind beats that will set trends and powerful singers for your verses or hook – all that is  right at your fingertips!

When I came up, there was a process to becoming a mix engineer.

  • First you would intern.

  • Then you would assist under established engineers.

  • Eventually, after years of practice, you would get to start recording.

  • After many more years gaining experience as a recording engineer, then and only then would you get the opportunity to mix a record.

It was an honor, and a privilege, to join that rank of mix engineers.

Today, you simply graduate from a trade school, and start offering to mix projects for free or dirt cheap. Do you see the problem?

If you are searching for a mix engineer to mix your record, let me tell you that you have a big decision in front of you. Always remember, when it comes to mixing, you get what you pay for.

Please check out the information on this site. Look at our credits. Listen to our mixes. If you like what you see, I would love to discuss your project with you and see how we can build a long lasting working relationship.

And above all, whether or not you choose to hire me, do your research so you don’t end up spending money on a mix that you are not 100% happy with. At the end of the day, it’s your name on the record. You need to love it 100%, and that’s the most important thing.

How it works

Once your tracks are recorded, we will arrange for you to get us the session files, send you a guide how to properly export your files and pack them.

Then you can use any one of a number of online services for this, such as wetransfer, dropbox or google drive. If you have an account with another file sharing service, that’s fine too.

Once we receive the files, we will check to make sure everything is in place, audio tracks are clean and not clipping, the session loads up properly and there are no missing files.

During this time, we can discuss your vision for the song, any references you have, rough mixes or other songs that you want to emulate, etc. I don’t always use references, but if you have something specific that you want to achieve, I’m happy to go over those with you.

Once we have a good idea of where the mix should go, we will perform a mix on your song, using all the tools at our disposal as well as my 20+ years of experience in the recording industry. During the mix, you can have as little or as much involvement as you like. You can either leave it to me and let me “do my thing” or be a part of the mixing process and give feedback how you want things to be.

When I got a mix ready, you will get a high quality reference file to listen to in your own, familiar listening environment. Most artists and producers actually prefer this, rather than attending a mix session in a studio where they are unfamiliar with the monitoring environment.


Now is your opportunity to give us your feedback. Any suggestions or comments you have about the mix will be addressed and we can create another version of the mix for a small fee.

Mix Preparation

Here are some basic guidelines to help you prepare your session for a successful mix. They aren’t requirements, but it would be helpful so that I can spend my time mixing your song, rather than fixing things that weren’t done correctly.

    When you bounce your tracks, please bring the faders to unity gain (all faders @ zero). If your faders are very low, the resulting bounced files will also have a very low volume.

    Also, please remove any effects such as reverbs or delays. The only exception to this is if it is an effect that is an integral part of the sound (for example a sweeping filter on a synth). When in question, just bounce a the whole mix (master out) with the effects and the individual tracks without.

    Make sure each audio file is bounced from the beginning of the session, even if that means there is blank space. This way, everything will line up correctly when I imports the files.

    You will need to bounce out your individual tracks as WAV or AIFF files. I prefer 32 bit WAV, but if you are already using another format, that’s fine – but make sure it has at least 24bit and 44,1kHz. Consult the user documentation for your DAW for explicit instructions for bouncing tracks.

    NOTE: Double check the bounced tracks by loading them in an empty session and play through the whole song once. If it sounds good and nothing is missing you can create an archive with 7Zip (WIN) or iZip (MAC) compression program (not needed ;).

    Once you mix is booked, you get a dedicated upload link to send your archive / files to. If you have another method you prefer to use, that’s fine too, just let the engineer know.

What you get

Our mixes include every aspect of the mix, based on what the song needs. The engineer provides whatever is necessary to get the mix done, in best service to the song.

The vocals need tuning? No problem. The drums need editing or tightening? No problem. It’s all part of what he does, and he won’t stop until it’s 100% perfect. But keep in mind that every additional task increases the time of working on the project and therefore the price.

The basic mix package, starting at 199€/Song consists of the following mixes:

  • Main mix

  • Instrumental

  • A capella

  • Performance (TV) track

If there are any other mixes you need, no problem. You sometimes also get a vocal up mix if it’s necessary, but usually mastering engineers prefer the main mix.

I also guarantee my work, with the motto I’m not happy until you’re happy. In other words, I will continue working on your mix until you are not only satisfied, but completely thrilled with your mix. Usually this happens within a couple short revisions. But if it takes longer, rest assured that I will continue working for you until you are 100% satisfied and approve the mix.

This is all included at no extra charge, as revisions are free.
The only exception to this is if you were to add new parts after the mix has been approved, but if that situation arises, we can work out a small additional fee.

Pricing & Cost estimate

Ok, I know theres a “Pricing” table for Mixing, but I can’t actually advertise a fixed price for professional mixing online.

We offer both basic and high end professional mixing.
Basic mixes are great if you got a tight budget. It includes a simple mixing to get the best sound out of your recordings, but before mixing we will check the quality of your recordings. Why? Because we cant work miracles and dont promise you anything that we cant accomplish.


When choosing “Basic Mix” you will get a mix done by our mixing engineers with more than 13 years of experience, high end effects and equipment and you get a high quality mix that is absolute competitive and good sounding with 3 revisions.


The “Pro Mix” from our award winning mixing engineer is your choice if you want a perfectly balanced and Radio Ready mix. He mixed for major label artists and created more than 100M Streams worldwide including Cypress Hill and many more great artists.

Check out the Mixing credits here


We have created this website in order to bring that same quality and experience to artists who are working with a tight or realistic budget. So dont hesitate to contact us – name your budget and what you want.