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Coming from Germany , Mirobeats aka Miro started producing trap beats very early, at around 2013.

He developed his own signature sound long before the hype of trap music.
Miro is a true genius when it comes to beat production. He is a pure Fruity Loops user and his skills are second to none.
He has also recorded and mixed numerous songs for his bro`s from mic association.



Coming from Germany , Flo aka AQUA72 started producing at around 2013 using Reason.

In 2020 he graduated in Pop-Academy Stuttgart as Sound engineer and Music Producer using Logic pro x.

Flo loves the culture of HipHop and is a rapper himself. His beats are atmospheric and melodic, perfect for autotune songs.


Producer/Sound Design

Based in South germany, Alex aka Maestro72 started producing at around 2008 using FL and produces with Ableton Live since 2010.

Coming from the graffitti and breakdance scene and being a freestyle rapper himself he started producing rapbeats because he wanted to contribute to the culture of hip hop by supporting local underground rappers that needed simple but bangin tunes.

He loves the culture and vibe of Rap/Hip Hop and want to keep the raw hip hop vibez alive.


Professional Mastering



Based in South Germany, with a Bachelor in Audio Production (SAE graduated), Musa has specialized in mixing & mastering loud, powerful Tracks in HipHop, Trap, Drill, Rap, Techno & EDM.

With more than 100 Million Streams Worldwide he has made his contribution in many Productions.
He is working with custom made analog Gear in a top notch mastering facility.

Professional Mixing



Based in South Germany, Chris is a true Master in Mixing Music (SAE graduated). On the market since 2006 he has mixed well over 15,000 titles with several chart rankings!

In 2018 he was awarded the fourth best online mixing and mastering studio in Europe !
Get one of the best mixing services in the industry and benefit from our excellent services, breathtaking quality and fast processing.



Exceptional Ghospel / Soul / RnB Singer

Based in the United States of America, Carmen started learning opera and singing at the age of 9.
 She started out singing in church as a child and went on to singing in choirs, ensembles, talent shows, pageants, weddings, and funerals.
Carmen went on to receiving, a full ride scholarship to a top historical Black College for vocal performance.
Her favorite hobby and hearts desire are both writing and recording music. And thats what you can hear in her songs and recordings. PURE  PASSION!


You can get everything you need to make hit songs at Liquidbeats! Unique Beats to stay ahead of the competition,
award winning engineers that mix and master your song
and an incredible voice for your hooks

p.s.: did you know that our engineers have mixed and mastered projects for major label artists like B-Real from Cypress Hill and many more?

But we let the sound speak for itself.
“We`re never good enough, there is always space to improve.”

Take a listen on our credits page 😉


You won`t find similar premium beats with that liquid vibe out there, and if so – you have to pay a lot more, might miss professional feedback and most helpful & constructive Critique.

Knowing whats important through a lot of projects with both experienced and beginner rappers we learned about common problems while writing,  recording, mixing or mastering. We`ve developed solutions and workarounds to support you with your music!



We know exactly how it is as an independent artist not having a lot of income from music itself, so we decided to make our prices as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality.

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*The money back guarantee is only available to Beats and products. Services like custom beats, mixing or mastering can not be refunded.
You can find more infos about our refunds here

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