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Established in 2019, Liquidbeats is both a place to download free instrumental beats and buy beats, as well as a community-driven entertainment website providing resources for artists. Liquidbeats is a music production and licensing business that distributes instrumentals from a team of international producers to independent artists, labels, media outlets, brands and spaces worldwide.

Our goal is to work with artists like you in the long term and help you achieve your musical goals. Thats the reason you`ll get that comparable beats at such a good price-performance ratio and support here.

We have already brought numerous people to the music and inspired about sessions in the youth house (Epple) of our hometown Tübingen where, for example, Omar (signed with 385ideal) has recorded.

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We offer a variety of industry quality services and products to build your brand and mold your career.


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success is no coincidence

Being successful in the recording industry isn’t easy and artists have to get a lot of things right to create the next succesful project.
Therefore choosing the right instrumentals for a track is more important than the lyrics and having professional and unique beats can make or break your scene because the right beats will help you connect better with your audience.

If you’re looking for the best place to find dope oldschool beats online, you’re in the right spot.

We want you to grow!
Thats why we are recently building helpful resources and wide-ranging content on everything you need to make you and your products successful in todays music industry!


You won`t find similar premium oldschool beats with that liquid style out there, and if so – you have to pay a lot more, miss professional feedback and most helpful & constructive Critique.

Knowing whats important through a lot of projects with rappers both experienced and beginners we learned about common problems while writing or recording the studio. We have developed solutions and workarounds to support you with your music!



We know exactly how it is as an independent artist not having a lot of earnings from music, so we decided to make our prices as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality.


Because we could not handle cheap, fast and good quality by our own we collaborate with award winning engineers for fast turnarounds, affordable prices and best quality.

With our experience and your talent we are able to reach any goal! 

Lets get it on, 

sincerely, your Liquidbeats team

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