what to expect from mastering

What to expect from mastering

Learn what mastering is and what you can realistically expect when you hire a mastering engineer.

The mystery of mastering

Mastering is one of those things that to newer artists and sometime even to experienced artists, is the world’s most profound mystery. 
You probably know that mastering will improve the sound quality and you’re meant to master your music, but what does that really mean? What is mastering and how is it going to realistically affect your music?

Mastering engineers cannot work miracles

difference between Mastering & mixing

Mixing is made before the mastering.

It is the art of balancing several different audio tracks (mostly recorded) to make a round and balanced sound that fits the genre. When mixing is done good a mastering engineer can boost a B mix to an A mix or an A mix to a A+ mix. 

But if the mix is bad and doesn`t sound right don`t give it to a mastering engineer to fix it because it wont work. 

Mastering engineers cannot work miracles. 

First get the Mixing right and then give it to Mastering.

Target of Mastering

Mastering is a process that prepares a song for distribution after it is mixed by another professional. Mastering is applied to one file only – one song – the final mix. A mastering engineer takes into account the destination format (CD, vinyl, streaming, etc.) and then proceeds to optimize playback of the song accordingly.

It commonly includes the use of high quality EQs, Stereo enhancements (imagers), dynamics processors, saturators, limiters, and meters. Some mastering engineers opt to create transparent masters (that sound as close to the pre-mastered version as possible), while others like to apply their own style via coloration and various other means.

The biggest advance of the mastering engineer is his great acoustic and monitoring.

What to expect

Before investing any time or money into mastering, it’s important to understand the benefits that it provides. Mastering won’t necessarily make your song a hit, but poor mastering can ruin the mix that you’ve worked hard on. A quality mastering engineer will be able to provide a service that does the following things for your song.

1. Make It Presentable for Consumers

Taking a step back from your music and allowing a third party (your mastering engineer) to tackle it with unbiased ears is going to bridge the gap between your vision as an artist, and the people listening to your music (the consumers). A mastering engineer’s main job is to prepare music “for the people”.

2. Ensure Proper Playback Across Various Devices

It’s vital that your music plays back consistently across common devices. These devices include phones, computers, car speakers, and in the club! Keep in mind that most people aren’t listening to music through $1000+ monitors. If your music sounds good on your monitors but falls apart on the devices that most people are using, you need a mastering engineer! Mastering engineers work in sound-treated spaces that provide a flat listening environment. Achieving a balanced master in a space like this helps ensure consistent playback across multiple devices in different listening environments.

3. Provide Clarity Enhancement

Although mastering won’t fix a broken mix, it can provide enhancement to a good one. Assuming your mix is clean, mastering should help pull the track together and give it a sense of “togetherness”. Devices like saturators, exciters, and expanders can target certain frequency ranges and give them more presence in the mix if necessary.

4. Achieve Loudness

Making your music loud is becoming less and less important with streaming services beginning to normalize tracks based off of LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale), but it’s currently still a vital part of a mastering engineer’s job. This ultra-compressed sound has even become a fundamental building block for a lot of EDM. There’s a way to achieve this sound without destroying your track. It requires a “tight” mix and a carefully executed master.

What our clients say

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I can only recommend Maestro Beats, if only because of the price-performance ratio. Unique and unmistakable beats that just really pop. What is very important to me personally, he is super reliable, always available and always helpful and responds to customer requests. THANK YOU again for the previous Zusammenarbeit🙏
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Heavy beats, clean mix, taught me how to record and mix myself. Maestro72 is a really good person!
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Brings a great deal of know-how with him, which could be used by one or the other producer. Criticized without fiddling with the craft. Human with heart in the right place. Produces sounds without pretending and is 100% on the job!Conclusion: raises with his own "oldschool" sound from the masses.
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What to expect from mastering

Read this article about what you can expect from mastering. You`ll be surprised!