Welcome back!

Welcome back!

maestro72 is now part of the
Liquidbeats collective

Liquidbeats is a collective of experienced and reliable producers, mixing-/mastering engineers and artists who have one thing in common - the passion for music.
With joined forces we offer more products and services faster, more reliable and affordable.
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Quality, Experience, Connections and Passion for music.

You want to make dope music, have that polished sound and connect better with your audience?
Then You Are In The Right Spot!

At Liquidbeats you can get High Quality Beats and professional Mixing & Mastering from our dedicated full time engineers, Singers for hooks or phrases and a lot of knowledge about Recording, Acoustics, Equipment and more.

You can also get access to a secret group to connect with other talented artists and skilled producers when supporting our work. Also you will learn more about the industry and receive insane offers only liquidbeats members get.

About the Liquidbeats Collective
Trap, Oldschool, Dancehall, 808, R&B, Gfunk & Boom Bap Beats
Starting @ $30
Custom Beats, Mixing, Mastering, Hooks
From $50